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    Golfer's Gulch

gulchGolfer's Gulch is a realistic looking mining sluice where kids of all ages can stake their claim for real gemstones and fossils. Rubies, emeralds, crystal points, and Gold (well fool's that is!) can be found in the special bags of "Mining rough". Pick a bag, pan for a pause, and pretty soon prospectors will be finding plenty of treasures! retro-man

Mining Rough Prices
Regular Gemstone Bag $4.00
Large Gemstone Bag $7.00
Fossil Bag $6.00

*To add Golfers Gulch Party Bag to any Birthday Party Package...
  Please Add 4.00 per person

Free Gemstone Chart to indentify your treasures!
Collect Them All!

Spring 2019 Hours!

Monday-Sunday 10am-7pm

Weather Permitting

Please call 610 489 7859 to confirm!



WOOHOO!!!!!!  BATTING CAGES ARE OPEN  Thursday and Friday 3-7pm and Saturday and Sunday 12-7pm